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adifferentkettleoffishaltogether art space on Ormond Quay.

The adifferentkettleoffishaltogether space at Ormond Quay was previously Watts Gun Shop. There for years, I was always fascinated by it. A bit like Rory’s Tackle Shop in Temple Bar (still there and with a snap of a happy Amy Winehouse in the window…), it was a bit of a throw-back to a much older Ireland.

Today, it is an art-space used by Mannix Flynn and Farcry productions. Most ironically, in 2006, they staged an exhibition there where……well, I’ll let them explain it

In 2006 Farcry constructed an arms dump and, along with members of the public, actively engaged with a process of placing firearms beyond use. It was a cultural mirroring of the John De Chastelain process that had begun with the provisional IRA. Over a period of 4 days 200 people entered the building on Ormond Quay and saw for themselves upfront, close and personal what it was that we were letting go of. The gun has been phased out of Irish politics and a new process of achieving aspirations has begun.

Anyway, in the last few days this showed up in the family and I thought it worth posting. If anyone has a photo of Watts back in the day please post it!

'With Compliments' card from Watts, 18 Ormond Quay Upr.

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