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Need some yelp?

I’ve recently started reviewing pubs, restaurants and shops on the Dublin section of Yelp. I can’t remember how I found the website originally but I’m glad I did now.

Yelp is a “social networking, user review and local search” website. In short, people review things. Imagine a more ambitious version of TripAdvisor.

After only a few reviews, I started getting ‘compliments’ from various people. One person sent me the following message, “Your reviews deserve a “hidden gems” list! Seriously, these are some stellar reviews. Can’t wait to read more!”, someone else sent me this, “I am bookmarking your reviews for my summer Dublin trip! Thanks for the crazy cool insider info!!”.

The cynic in me thought that these compliments were from fake, automated profiles run by Yelp to make new users feel important and persuade them to stick around.

It turns out I was wrong.

I’m slowly finding out that Yelp (especially Dublin) has a really healthy, active, friendly online community.

I’ve only written up 10 reviews but have already had friend requests from 8 people, received 12 different compliment messages and 31 ‘review votes’ (when someone lets you know that they’ve found your review Useful [19], Funny [2], and Cool [10]).

The Dublin users of Yelp have already started organising real life events. The first, a meet & greet with the (volunteer) Yelp Dublin manager, is happening this Friday in Le Cirk. Though I won’t be able to make it this time around, I hear there are plans to organise more regular Yelp Dublin events.

Honest reviews of businesses by real people living and working Dublin can only be a good idea. Why not give Yelp a go?

A section of the Dublin Yelp homepage.

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