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I’ve been irregularly updating my blog ‘Hidden History of UCD’ with pieces related to the radical and social history of the college. Some CHTM! readers might be interested in some of my recent posts:

– In 1962, Anthony Clare wrote an article for the T.C.D. Miscellany about the censorship regime in UCD at that time.

– In 1967, Joseph Matthews wrote an article for Hibernia about Student Politics in UCD at the time (it includes a picture of a very young Vincent Browne, Chairman of Young Fine Gael)

– In the early 1970s, an Oz like radical paper was published in Belfield called Instead.

– In the mid 1970s, a Womens Lib. fanzine was published in Belfield called Bread and Roses.

In the late 1980s, Belfield enjoyed a healthy rave scene. I’ve interviewed François Pittion (Ents Officer 1988/89) about the period.

Taken from Bread and Roses (Issue 2, c. 1974) Click to read full issue.

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