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According to the (fantastic resource) Irish Punk & New Wave Discography, The Corporation were a “once off recording project” comprising of Imgmar Kiang and Johnny Byrne (1956-97) who were both in the early Dublin punk group the New Versions and later went on to form the band Max.

Their single “Dublin Rap” has several guest artists including writer, playwright, actor and politician Mannix Flynn, journalist and Horslips drummer Eamon Carr  and backing singers Marian Woods and Billi Webster.

Billi Webster remembers that the music video was produced by Dave Heffernan and was “partly filmed in the house that (she) was living in at the time in Monkstown.” She played a ban garda.

Released in the same year as Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five’s classic ‘The Message’, this is the first time the Dublin Rap single has been available online. Thanks to John Fisher for letting me borrow the record. Enjoy. (Apologies for the minor jumps in the song, the 45 single was quite scratched)

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I’m about fifteen minutes in the door from my first trip to a Union of Students in Ireland conference. (Maynooth are back in, you see)

Quite an experience, and a productive field trip.

Anyway, a friend of mine was discussing his search for the lyrics to this one-off Christy Moore number about University College Dublin and the L&H there.

I remember raking my brains trying to think of songs which deal with Irish students, and this one was, in truth, the only one that came to mind. Phil Ochs odd tune, “I’m Gonna Say It Now” is the only other song about students that came to mind (cheers Luke) but eh…he mentioned Chairman Mao in that. That and it is a pretty rubbish song.

Here are the words to The Auditor Of The L&H (In the words of Christy “..the launching pad for many an illustrious reactionary career”) which he performed in Theatre L of UCD on the 25th of November, 1982. Next door in Theatre M a debate was raging from which an elected Sinn Féin representative (Danny Morrison) had been excluded.

Justice Thomas Higgins is a man you all should know
Sitting in the Specials he runs a nasty show
Dispering Irish Justice in a way that makes me rage,
And once he was the Auditor of the College L&H

Mr. Patrick Connolly is a man of great renown.
Recently he was the talk of every pub in town.
As attorney general thought it wise to disengage
And once he was the Auditor of the College L&H

Patrick snide smug Cosgrave is Maggie Thatcher’s right-hand man.
In a national University his illusions they began.
To mould her vicious strategy he joined the entourage
And once he was the Auditor of the College L&H

This year’s young incumbant was barely off the train.
Seeking power and prejudice he joined Young Fine Gael.
To be like Higgins, Connolly, Cosgrave, Cormac Lacey craved,
And he is this year’s Auditor of the College L&H

To celebrate elections his first debate he planned.
To feature Conor Cruise O’ Brien, a once respected man.
A Unionist called Millar, and also Liam de Paor
With the Tyrone people’s mandate- Danny Morrison was there.

Cruiser and the Loyalist, they did collaborate.
Free speech for Republicans they could not tolerate.
Morrison was banished, Cormac Lacey sealed his faith
That’s why he is the Auditor of the College L&H

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