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“It’s no rumour ’cause its the same all over Dublin,
whether Blanch, Finglas, Ballymun,
Tallaght,Clondalkin to Crumlin”

I don’t own much in the line of Irish hip hop. Scary Éire, Collie’s excellent Is Ainm Dom and a few other albums are up on the shelf. What I like about these lads is the positivity of what they’re doing, and the fact they make no effort to hide their Dublin accents or backgrounds. These lads are releasing their music under the title ‘Working Class Records’ and there is a sense of pride at the centre of what they’re doing. There’s a lesson in there.

Good luck to you lads, and hopefully we’ll be hearing a lot more of you down the line. The video for ‘Products Of The Environment’ is well worth a look.

Give me a reason by Street Literature

We dont need you any more by Street Literature

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According to the (fantastic resource) Irish Punk & New Wave Discography, The Corporation were a “once off recording project” comprising of Imgmar Kiang and Johnny Byrne (1956-97) who were both in the early Dublin punk group the New Versions and later went on to form the band Max.

Their single “Dublin Rap” has several guest artists including writer, playwright, actor and politician Mannix Flynn, journalist and Horslips drummer Eamon Carr  and backing singers Marian Woods and Billi Webster.

Billi Webster remembers that the music video was produced by Dave Heffernan and was “partly filmed in the house that (she) was living in at the time in Monkstown.” She played a ban garda.

Released in the same year as Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five’s classic ‘The Message’, this is the first time the Dublin Rap single has been available online. Thanks to John Fisher for letting me borrow the record. Enjoy. (Apologies for the minor jumps in the song, the 45 single was quite scratched)

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