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This looks interesting. From Thursday through to Sunday, there will be an exhibition of the stencil work of the artist ADW in town, at The Back Loft Gallery.

At first, I didn’t connect the name with anyone in particular, but after a brief look at the website I went “oh! Yer man!”. The broke leprauchan with his pockets stretched, the Gardaí arresting Monopoly Man, Brian Cowen with his “Laugh now, but one day I’ll be in charge” signboard, all great images.

And so it begins! My new show will be opening on the 15th of April at the very stylish Back Loft Gallery. There will be an opening reception on Thursday the 15th of April 6pm-8pm and all are welcome. Then daily viewings from Friday the 16th until Sunday the 18th, 1-7pm and Sunday until 5pm

Despite currently getting to terms with a serious mountain of essays, I hope I can swing into this on Sunday.

Sadly, in Dublin, this kind of stuff rarely lasts too long and the shite nobody wants or needs to know about Anto and his girlfriend stays up on the wall forever. No justice.

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