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The first post from me in a while this, and a bit of a mixed bag. The first four are from the Tivoli carpark, post-this years grafitti/ skate jam. The second two are dropped in to break up the post, the first a sign  spotted at the council offices in Rathmines, and the second, a group of workers abseiling down the side of Liberty Hall. The second lot of graf pictures is from the back of the Bernard Shaw, easily the best spot in Dublin for ever changing talent. Inside and out, the walls are covered with pieces from Dublin’s best artists, including our good friend Maser; the “Swim” piece is his, and was a work in progress at the time the below was snapped.

WP_000318 (2)

WP_000338 (2)

WP_000323 (2)

WP_000320 (2)





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I always re-iterate the fact that there’s nowhere in the world I’d rather be when the sun is shining than Dublin City. So heading down to Ormond Place to check out the grafitti wall there, and seeing the skyline as it is in the image below, I couldn’t help but take the camera out for a shot. skyline Ormond Place (behind Fibber’s Rock Bar) is apparently a designated grafitti spot set up by the Dublin City Council, and there are some fantastic pieces on it. I’ve covered three other such spots, I’ll link to them at the bottom of this set. Dublin is lucky to be home to some absolutely amazing artists, and say what you like about tagging, beautiful street art brightens up a city. 026







I opened with a moody sunshine snap, so I’ll close with a moody night-time one. O’Connell Street came to a stand-still, with the backdrop of a near full-moon peeking out from the clouds behind the Spire. 010


Other “Writings on the wall” sets:




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“The delights a stroll around Dublin can bring you. I’ve always carried my camera around with me, but have only recently started to take it out and not give a shite that I look like a tourist.”

Someone said of the last bunch of photo’s I stuck up that Dublin is starting to look like a proper shithole… Its not- its really not, its just that for whatever reason, I like taking pictures of graffiti, rundown buildings and, well, real Dublin. For any piece of eight or ten images, its possible to have taken fifty or sixty shots on my not very fancy camera. Subsequently, I have hundreds of shots of birds, trees, sunshine and flowers. But I still prefer the grittier side of things!

The Seahorses of Grattan Bridge. JayCarax has done some great work on the history of the Grattan statue on College Green. The  statue is, of course, surrounded by lamps bearing ornate seahorses. Grattan Bridge bears the same idols on its lamps.

I’ve recently moved gaff, so my cycle to work takes me down along the canal, from Rathmines to Inchicore. For three months, I’ve been cycling past this spot and never noticed this piece on the side of the bridge at Herberton Road until this week. The work of Solus, I think its a belter!


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Its a scary thought,  but its almost two years since I went down to the Tivoli Theatre carpark to check out the art on display. I ventured down during the week to have another look and wasn’t disappointed. The results of the annual All City Easter Jam, and its coming up to that time of year again. Details of the event can be found here and the Facebook event is here.


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Its been a while since I’ve done one of these posts. Normally I take a load of snaps in one afternoon and pick out the seven or eight that stand out the most. I haven’t done so in the last while but I have managed to cobble together a few pictures I’ve taken over the last couple of weeks for a post anyways.

Below is a picture I took whilst putting up flags pre-game a couple of weeks ago, I think against Sligo. Obviously I’ve photoshopped it ever-so-slightly, but I like the contrast between the pitch and the dark clouds on the horizon. Arty.

Dark clouds over Dalymount

Below is a mad spot on the way home from work the other day. Anyone who can tell us where this is wins a date with your choice of CHTM! author at a venue and date of your choosing. You’re paying though.

There's a car under there somewhere


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What is it with me and cameras? I just have no luck with them; this is my fourth camera to give up on me in around eight years. I still hold out hope, I will get my little G9 fixed, I’ve only started to get used to it and have only started taking pictures I’m proud of. This rant I hear you ask, what is it about? Well, its a precursor and an apology for the quality of the below pictures, but I couldn’t help but take them and share them.

Hungover cycles often provide great inspiration, and Sunday’s was no different, and rewarding also, having come across the below piece down the (Luas) tracks. Its probably been around a while, but this is the first time I’ve ventured down this far since before the Chrimbo.

Who listens? (1)

Who Listens? (2)

Back in the day, you were born with
original sin, now its original debt.
Every man, woman and child in this
country are footin’ the bill for a
load of empty buildings. If it was
France, there’d be bleedin’ murder.

Who Listens? (3)

Where’s my Nama? You know what I
mean? I worked on the sites round
here and when I got laid off I
still had to pay me mortgage every
month. But we’re bailing these boys
(out I?) don’t get it.

Who Listens? (4)

The middle to the end of the
sixties saw the dyin’ end of the
docks. It just went slowly down.
If any of the old Dockers came
back today and looked down from
Butt Bridge, they’d call you a liar,
they’d go “that’s not where I worked.”

Who Listens? (5)

There’s something Flann O’Brien-esque about the writing style, god knows what the man would have said if he saw the state of the country now. Either way, its a good summation of what has happened the old docklands; there is or, was a social history there that has been all but completely wiped out in order to pave way for the IFSC, the area that most said at the time  ” is a grand representation of the Celtic Tiger, sure isn’t it great the money we have now for all these shiny buildings.” Its a shocking pity that most of them are now empty.

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….do it correctly.

Recently, we had this piece looking at a wonderful new piece of graffiti from Dublin based street artist ADW at Suir Road Bridge. The piece was removed after only a couple of hours.

Freda, a friend of ours whose photos frequently end up on the blog, popped up recently to photograph the damage. She’s been documenting Dublin street art for years now, building up impressive photo albums showing the development of the art form in the capital. I’m hoping in time she’ll join the WordPress world.

Anyway, when she got up there, this is what she found:

Half a heart.

What’s the point?

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Excellent stuff this from Dublin street artist ADW, one of the many Dubliners out there keeping the streets looking pretty. Nice to find this in my inbox this morning from a friend saying “You’d like this”.

One of the beauties of working in the city and having long lunch breaks is getting to walk up and down unfamiliar streets to see what you come across. ADW’s stuff is among my favourites, though sometimes the likes of Mr. Monoploy being carried away by two brave Guardians of the Peace isn’t likely to remain in place for too long. You do well to carry a camera in this city.

From the beautiful ESPO pieces at the Tivoli to the recent They Are Us project, Irish Street Art over here is well worth a look. You never know what you’ll find on your lunch break.

Timely Luas job:

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Stuck to the noticeboard of Trivia Nightclub (R.I.P Trivia, R.I.P)

You A__ Beautiful, great shopfront just off Grafton Street

Factually correct.

‘Dare To Be Different’.


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Spotted by Jim Scully. Photo taken by hxci, April 20 2010.

Spotted by Jim Scully. Photo taken by hxci, April 20 2010.

Spotted by Jim Scully. Photo taken by hxci, April 20 2010.

Our friend Jim Scully spotted this and sent it on. Hxci reckons that it went up over the weekend as it certainly wasn’t there on Friday. (Edit – It seems it’s been there since at least Thursday)

It seems to be an anti – government street art piece that is making a crude reference to the recent Polish plane crash that killed 96 people including the president

Banksy it ain’t.

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This looks interesting. From Thursday through to Sunday, there will be an exhibition of the stencil work of the artist ADW in town, at The Back Loft Gallery.

At first, I didn’t connect the name with anyone in particular, but after a brief look at the website I went “oh! Yer man!”. The broke leprauchan with his pockets stretched, the Gardaí arresting Monopoly Man, Brian Cowen with his “Laugh now, but one day I’ll be in charge” signboard, all great images.

And so it begins! My new show will be opening on the 15th of April at the very stylish Back Loft Gallery. There will be an opening reception on Thursday the 15th of April 6pm-8pm and all are welcome. Then daily viewings from Friday the 16th until Sunday the 18th, 1-7pm and Sunday until 5pm

Despite currently getting to terms with a serious mountain of essays, I hope I can swing into this on Sunday.

Sadly, in Dublin, this kind of stuff rarely lasts too long and the shite nobody wants or needs to know about Anto and his girlfriend stays up on the wall forever. No justice.

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