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This Grand Canal Theatre lark is going well so far, isn’t it? Along with Joanna Newsom, here’s another one for my list. I must have been chilling in the west the country when this one was announced, as it went completely over my head.

Not alone did Belle and Sebastian produce one of those albums you play all the time and nobody else in the house minds (Dear Catastrophe Waitress), but they’re also the subject of a comic book entitled Put The Book Back On The Shelf (Forbidden Planet stock it), which is quite cool. Fitting enough, when your bands name is a nod in the direction of a children’s book. Music (from my room) and comics (from the room next door) kept this house busy in days gone by.

The Glasgow bands brand of indie-pop works for me, and obviously millions of others. To quote a friend….

How could something from Glasgow sound so Edinburgh?

They’d be chuffed.

Belle and Sebastian roll into town on Friday December 3rd.
Tickets range from €39.50 to €44.50, from the usual sources.

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