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ADW's excellent take on Bertie Ahern.

I’ve a bit in the latest CrisisJam over on the excellent Politico.ie looking at the historical context of the collapse of Fianna Fail’s support in the capital. You can read it here.

Fianna Fail, Sean Lemass told a gathering of youth party members in Inchicore in November 1947, had “… more wage-earners in its ranks than any Labour Party, and more farmers than any Farmers Party.”

The class make-up of the party in Dublin was always a matter of considerable pride, when coupled with the historic roots of the party in the anti-treaty IRA. In 1954, when a young Charles Haughey was put before the people as a part of the “New Guard” of the party, he shared space on his inaugural election leaflet with Oscar Traynor and Harry Colley. Traynor was among the most highly regarded of the ‘men of Easter Week’, serving in the Metropole Hotel with the GPO Garrison during the rising. Harry Colley, the leaflet noted, had been “..left for dead at a Dublin street barricade.” Almost 40 years on from the rising, Fianna Fail was still presenting itself as the party, and indeed the vanguard, of Irish republicanism. New candidates like Haughey often came from the same bloodline as many of the ‘Old Guard’.

The Fianna Fail election leaflet mentioned in the piece, introducing a certain Charles Haughey to the fold, was uploaded here on Come Here To Me in the past. You can read it here.

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Blasts from the past.

You leave Ireland for three days, and when you come back the IMF are here and the place has gone to the dogs. Over a coffee, I’ve been digging through newspaper archives and here are a few gems.

For the workers!

For a government that works!


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“The old guard and the new”, this is a classic Fianna Fail election leaflet encouraging the public to get behind two 1916 veterans (Oscar Traynor and Harry Colley), “stand by De Valera” and to put faith in two newer faces, Eugene Timmons and Charles Haughey. It is a most unusual piece, from the Dublin North East constituency.

Traynor is a well-known figure in Irish political history, in command at the Metropole Hotel during the 1916 Rising. Unusually, he was a soccer-man, and had toured Europe with Belfast Celtic in 1912. The image below is taken from a piece on his time at that club over on the excellent Belfast Celtic historical site.

Traynor (Goalkeeper) with the rest of the Belfast Celtic team in 1912.

Harry Colley had also taken part in the Rising, and the leaflet notes that he was “..left for dead at a Dublin street barricade” during the rebellion.

Ultimately, Charles Haughey would fail to win a seat in 1954, obtaining 1,812 votes. When Haughey did obtain a seat three years later in 1957, it was at the expense of Colley. The rest, as they say, is history.

Click to expand and read:


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A gem of a ‘political’ leaflet discovered under the bed.

Picture this. It’s late 2008. Thousands of students on the street. The angry OAP’s are out for some argy bargy, and to save their Medical Cards. Red flags, black flags and a few red and black flags fly high. Ógra Shinn Féin X Branch and Labour Youth Y branch march. Speakers from the Union of Students in Ireland, as well as speakers from the trade union movement and Student Union’s around the country have made strong speeches calling for action to defeat the threat of third level fees.

Then, someone hands you this:

…and you just think: Jesus H. Christ, no wonder so many people hate students.

Ingenious on the part of the Purty Kitchen, and still my favourite leaflet from a student demonstration to date. Takes the old left wing tradition of a post-demonstration pint to the next level.

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My thanks to my friend Emma for the snap, this is why we have camera phones.

Notice the book to the left? You couldn’t make it up. Snapped in Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, West Dublin.

“Well Bertie pronouncing himself as a socialist wasn’t a surprise to me because funny enough, I believe Bertie Ahern is one of the few socialists in Dáil Eireann, and would have said that many many years ago”
-Charlie McCreevy

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