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A gem of a ‘political’ leaflet discovered under the bed.

Picture this. It’s late 2008. Thousands of students on the street. The angry OAP’s are out for some argy bargy, and to save their Medical Cards. Red flags, black flags and a few red and black flags fly high. Ógra Shinn Féin X Branch and Labour Youth Y branch march. Speakers from the Union of Students in Ireland, as well as speakers from the trade union movement and Student Union’s around the country have made strong speeches calling for action to defeat the threat of third level fees.

Then, someone hands you this:

…and you just think: Jesus H. Christ, no wonder so many people hate students.

Ingenious on the part of the Purty Kitchen, and still my favourite leaflet from a student demonstration to date. Takes the old left wing tradition of a post-demonstration pint to the next level.

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