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Six weeks later and yer one from Legally Blonde is still hanging about on lamp-posts… Really?

Oh Mary...

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Mubarak standing for Fianna Fáil? Credit to Joycer for the pic.

See: http://www.politics.ie/political-humour/151838-mubarak-dual-citizen-stand-fianna-fail.html

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Remember this? A concerted effort by those in Leinster House to get “the youth” out to vote by making it cool ala New Labours Cool Brittania across the water a few years back. The criticism was quiet but produced the following video, summed up as “a satirical take on the mind-numbingly vapid rock the vote campaign in Ireland.” The legacy left behind by that campaign is that a large number of those it targetted have been forced to flee Ireland for shores new once again. It started slowly for me, but that trickle has become a flood and I’m hearing of someone else emigrating every other day now. In the video below, some of the faces may have changed, (thankfully McDowell has disappeared back to Hades or wherever he came from) but the sentiment remains the same.

Oh, and to read another cringe-worthy piece of journalism from Ruth Gilligan where she descries the disappearence of “convoys of Volkswagen Polos up to UCD, [with] collars up and speakers up even higher, blaring Kanye for all to hear,” go here. 

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