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Six weeks later and yer one from Legally Blonde is still hanging about on lamp-posts… Really?

Oh Mary...

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Its been a while since I’ve done one of these posts. Normally I take a load of snaps in one afternoon and pick out the seven or eight that stand out the most. I haven’t done so in the last while but I have managed to cobble together a few pictures I’ve taken over the last couple of weeks for a post anyways.

Below is a picture I took whilst putting up flags pre-game a couple of weeks ago, I think against Sligo. Obviously I’ve photoshopped it ever-so-slightly, but I like the contrast between the pitch and the dark clouds on the horizon. Arty.

Dark clouds over Dalymount

Below is a mad spot on the way home from work the other day. Anyone who can tell us where this is wins a date with your choice of CHTM! author at a venue and date of your choosing. You’re paying though.

There's a car under there somewhere


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At home to UCD last Thursday night and I get a phone call half an hour before kick off from a good mate of mine, a through and through Rovers man (I only hold it against him on match days.) I thought there was something wrong, knowing he should be on his way to the Bray game but luckily, no, he just wanted to tell me about the below; spotted on the old Canada Life building on Stephen’s Green, a brilliant piece… Props to the Dunster lad!


This would actually look amazing... (Image copyleft hXci)

All I really know about Zeppelins is that they have a propensity to explode spectacularly and that there was one in an Indiana Jones film but have to admit, the thoughts of getting one out to a game in UCD would make a normally horrible evening a little more bearable. Plus, “Night Zeppelin” sounds way cooler than “Night Bus.” If only…

Better than it lying idle! (Image copyleft hXci)

Anyways, to whoever put the planning application up, I salute you. You brightened up my evening!

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Its not too often you get posts on here lauding non-LOI football. If anything, the content of our football related articles are overtly critical (and rightly so) of a nation of barstoolers who do their best to ignore teams on their own island. Whoso could begrudge the three of us so for having an interest in a foreign team, not across the narrow strip of water that divides us from “the mainland” but across the expanse of Europe to Hamburg and their “second” team, St. Pauli.

The thing is with St. Pauli, you aren’t just lending your support to an adopted team that have nothing got to to with you. You are adopting a code of beliefs. St. Pauli stand for everything we on CHTM! stand for – We are vehemently anti-sexist, anti-racist and anti-fascist. If you haven’t gotten that from our posts hither to now well… now you know. Two out of the three of us have made it to games this season and have made some great contacts and friends across there, some closer than others and for different reasons.

Dont expect this madness, just something close.

So, with us having good friends in the St. Pauli Supporters Club, Dublin, we have found out that their youth team is partaking in an invitational tournament at the bequest of Kevin’s Boys, programme as follows:



11.00am           Group 1                       St Kevins Boys Club      v   Brondby  I F
12.30pm          Group 2                       West Bromwich Albion  v  St Pauli
5.00pm            Group 1                       Brondby I F                     Sunderland  AFC
6.30pm            Group 2                       St Pauli                              v  Arsenal F C


11.00am           Group 1                       St Kevins Boys Club       v        Sunderland AFC
12.30pm          Group 2                       Arsenal F C                     v       West Bromwich Albion
5.00pm            Semi Final                    Winner Group 1              v     Runner Up Group 2
6.30pm            Semi Final                    Winner Group 2              v    Runner Up Group 1


11.00am           5th & 6th Place Play Off                3rd place Group 1   v  3rd place Group 2
12.30pm          3rd & 4th Place Play Off            Beaten semi finalists 1 v Beaten semi finalists 2
1.45pm            Exhibition game by St Kevins Boys Under 6 Development Squad (15 mins)


KICK OFF 2.15pm.


The plan is for us to make it out to the WBA vs. St. Pauli game on Friday morning, as myself and DFallon are heading off to (albeit) separate LOI games Friday afternoon, him to Derry, myself to Sligo and JayCarax off to the Good Friday Wicklow Wander.

Don’t forget though, before all that madness, there is the monthly Sounds of Resistance gig in O’Byrnes on Capel / Bolton Street that you can most likely find the three of us at; look for the lads in the corner sipping Guinness and looking shifty.

Come to this!

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