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One of my very first posts on this blog (back in November 2009) was an appeal to the public to upload, digitize or give me a long list of 1st wave Dublin Punk/New Wave singles that were out of print and hard to find.

Surely but slowly these singles have been uploaded online and now are available to all to enjoy.

On February 11 2010, I uploaded The Blades’ fourth single ‘Revelation of Heartbreak’.

The Blades - Revelations of Heartbreak (1982)

On March 29 2010, I uploaded The Blades’ first single ‘Hot For You’.

The Blades - Hot For You (1980)

On June 5 2010, our close friend Conor McCabe from Dublin Opinion uploaded the 1983 single ‘Secrets’ from Autobop.

Autobop - Sercrets (1983)

Also on June 5 2010, Conor, got there before me and, uploaded The Rhythm King’s second single ‘John Wayne’.

The Rhythm Kings - John Waybe (1981)

On June 19 2010, I was finally able to get my hands on and upload the classic first and only single from D.C. Nien. (If anyone has their Red Tapes recording, please get in touch!)

D.C. Nien - Nightclub (1980)

On June 23 2010, I finally got around to uploading the 3rd single ‘Procession’ from The Atrix

The Atrix - Procession (1981)

On August 11 2010, Bristol Boy from the My Life’s A Jigsaw blog made my month by uploading the first and only single ‘Private World’ from The Teen Commandments.

The Teen Comandments - Private World (1981)

However, there are still a lot of classic singles still not online. If you have the following, please get in touch.


5 Honours & A 175 / Denise Denise
7″ – Libra Records – LHS002 – IRL – June 1982 – PS

• I Wanna Be Your Man / Money Back
7″ – Libra Records – LHS003 – IRL – 1982

• I’ll Never Forget It (AKA Two Sucks) / Suicide
7″ – Scoff Records – DT028 – IRL – 2 September 1983 – PS

The Blades: (Note: I’m only looking for the B-Sides)

Ghost of a Chance / Real Emotion
7″ – Energy/Polygram Records – NRG-5 – IRL – 1981 – PS paper labels

Last Man In Europe / Sadlands
7″ – Reekus Records – RKS013 – IRL – 1984 – PS

The Boomtown Rats:

• Neon Heart, Etc.. (At Home And Away)
K7 – Demo – 1976

Camino Organisation:

• Human Voices // Executivity / The Bust Up Of Love
7″ – Reekus Records – RKS 004 – 1982 – PS

New Versions:

• Like Gordon of Khartoum / What You Want
7″ – Mulligan Records – LUNS 744 – IRL – 1981 – PS


• Love Potion No.9 / The Prize
7″ – WEA Records – K18420 – 1980 – PS

Pop Mechanics:

• Soldier Boys / It Feels Like I’m Alone Again
7″ – Polydor Records – 2078 144 – IRL – 1982 – PS

The Radiators From Space: (Note: I’m only looking for the B-Sides)

Enemies // Psychotic Reactions
7″ Chiswick NS-19 – 1977

Sunday World//(Why Can’t I Be) A Teenager In Love
7″ – CBS Records – 5527 – IRL – 1977

Let’s Talk about Weather//Hucklebuck //Try & Stop Me
7″ – Chiswick NS-45 & CHIS-113 1979

Kitty Rickets/Things (with Peter O’Brien)
7″ – Mulligan Records – LUNS720 – IRL – 1979


• Silently Screaming / On The Run
7″ – Rockburgh Records – ROCS203 – UK – 1978 – PS

The Romantiks:

• Said If You Needed Me / Little Queenie
7″ – G.I.Records – GI003 – 1978 – no PS

The Shade:

• 6:05 / Talk To Me
7″ – Juverna Records – JUV-001 – 1981 – no PS?

Watching You / Touch Sensitive
7″ – EMI Records – IEMI 5093 – 1982 – PS

Strange Movements:

• Dancing In The Ghetto / Amuse Yourself
7″ – Good Vibrations International – GVI GOT-5 – N.IRL – 1980 – poster PS

The Sussed:

Don’t Swim On The East Coast / I Wanna Conform

7″ – Dead Records – DEAD U2 – 1981 – PS

The Tabs:

Million Miles / Gotta Get Away
7″ – Vixen Records – FM001 – 1982 – PS

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Over 100 people attended the History Ireland discussion yesterday afternoon on ‘Dublin Punk & New Wave’ in the late 1970s as part of the Phibsboro Community Arts Festival (Phizzfest). The final line up was Pete Holidai (The Radiators From Space), Eamon Delaney (Ex. Punk & current Indo columnist), Billy McGrath (UCD Ents 1976/77 & manager of The Atrix), Dave Donnelly (Ex. Black Catholics) and Cllr. Cieran Perry (Ex. Punk).

The response was overwhelmingly positive with the only complaints focused on the lack of female participation in the panel and no chance for a questions and answers session. Hopefully, this will be the start of a number of public discussions on different aspects of Dublin youth/music culture e.g. Skinhead, Rockabilly, Mod/Soul and Dance/Rave.

Here’s my playlist from yesterday. Would you have chosen differently? Left out any particular song? Added in something else?

1. The Radiators From Space – Television Screen (1977)

2. The Boomtown Rats – Lookin’ After Number One (1977)

3. The Vipers – I’ve Got You (1978)

4. The Vipers – No Such Thing (1978)

5. The Boomtown Rats – Rap Trap (1978)

6. U2 – Stories For Boys (1979)


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This one, from the History Ireland Hedge School, looks interesting. Sam in particular has frequently uploaded slabs of classic Dublin vinyl to the site here, and the blog has been known to be a bit nostalgic for a period, although not being old enough to recall it ourselves! We’ll be on hand at this event to provide the noise, so come along. I can hear you now, “Really, is that them?”

The event is taking place as part of the Phizzfest in Phibsborough.

Date: Sunday, 12th September 2010
Time: 3pm
Title: ‘Dublin’s late ‘70s New Wave scene’
Description:A History Ireland Hedge School-Blasting back to the70’s.
Venue: Phibsborough Library,
North Circular Road,
Dublin 7.
Tickets: N/A, show up on the day.

Tommy Graham from History Ireland will host the event, joined by a varied group of individuals, including our favourite journo Fintan O’ Toole, Counciller Cieran Perry, Eamon Delaney, David Donnelly and Billy McGrath. Each of these people bring something unique to the discussion, ranging from organising concerts at the time, to an understanding of the diverse youth cultures and cliques that emerged from the scene at the time, sometimes quite literally clashing. Some of the bands that emerged at the time remain household names, the likes of U2 coming to mind instantly. Others have become cult classics. Bands like DC Nien, The Atrix and their kind still hold pride of place in many vinyl collections.

If this period interests you, check out previous posts here like this one on DC Nein or this gem from our first week in existence, looking at some of the main first-wave Dublin punk singles. When you’re feeling nostalgic (Maybe you were there?), write the date down and come along on the day and share a story. If you’re younger like ourselves come along and hear a story or two. Regardless, come along.

The History Ireland Hedge School will be hosting some historical discussions at this years Electric Picnic too, a slighty more muddy setting than Phibsborough.

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Great band. Great name. Great singles.

Their first The Moon Is Puce came out in 1979 on Mulligan Records. It was produced by Philip Chevron, then a member of The Radiators From Space and later of The Pogues. This is the first time that the B-Side Wendy’s In Amsterdam has been uploaded online.

In 1980, the band signed to DoubleDee Records. Their second single Treasure On The Wasteland was produced by Midge Ure. Again, this is the first time that the b-side of this single, Graphite Pile, has been uploaded online.

Lyrics, Treasure On The Wasteland.

Their first and only album, Procession, was released in 1981 on Scoff Records. The single Procession and the B-Side The 11th Hour was issued with it.


For more information on the band, check out their Irish Punk & New Wave Discography entry here.

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