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Over 100 people attended the History Ireland discussion yesterday afternoon on ‘Dublin Punk & New Wave’ in the late 1970s as part of the Phibsboro Community Arts Festival (Phizzfest). The final line up was Pete Holidai (The Radiators From Space), Eamon Delaney (Ex. Punk & current Indo columnist), Billy McGrath (UCD Ents 1976/77 & manager of The Atrix), Dave Donnelly (Ex. Black Catholics) and Cllr. Cieran Perry (Ex. Punk).

The response was overwhelmingly positive with the only complaints focused on the lack of female participation in the panel and no chance for a questions and answers session. Hopefully, this will be the start of a number of public discussions on different aspects of Dublin youth/music culture e.g. Skinhead, Rockabilly, Mod/Soul and Dance/Rave.

Here’s my playlist from yesterday. Would you have chosen differently? Left out any particular song? Added in something else?

1. The Radiators From Space – Television Screen (1977)

2. The Boomtown Rats – Lookin’ After Number One (1977)

3. The Vipers – I’ve Got You (1978)

4. The Vipers – No Such Thing (1978)

5. The Boomtown Rats – Rap Trap (1978)

6. U2 – Stories For Boys (1979)


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An interesting find. A radio documentary on the Dublin punk scene from 1981 presented by the late Gerry Ryan and produced by Ed Mulhall, the current Managing Director of News in RTE.

Opening with the classic new wave single ‘Over 21’ by Berlin, the show has interviews with members of Irish Punk bands The Threat, The Peridots, the Nun Atax, Microdisney, the Virgin Prunes, the Vipers, Revolver and Berlin. Unfortunately there’s no introductions for the interviewees, so there’s no way of knowing who’s who. The only people I can recognise are Dave Fanning and Bob Geldof.

There’s particularly interesting points made during the program about the idea of bands ‘selling out’, the role of ‘class’ in the punk movement and the relationship between punks and violence.

You can listen to the radio documentary by clicking on the link in the first line of this post. Below, I’ve uploaded the song which the documentary takes its name from, ‘Over 21’ by Berlin.

Berlin – Over 21 by matchgrams

The Sounds of Ireland Festival in London, 1981. As you can see 'Berlin' were ahead of U2 on the bill.

The Sounds of Ireland Festival in London, 1981. As you can see Berlin were ahead of U2 on the bill.

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