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Last night myself and hxci popped down to the They Are Us exhibition for a looksie, and to support an excellent cause. Getting there at 5.15 or so, we were well ahead of time and ended up carrying sambos up the stairs with a woman who told us “you’s will get your reward in the next life lads”.

We got a sneak peak on this trek up the stairs however, and a huge image of James Connolly which dominates the first room of a three room exhibition had us dying to see more. We resisted, and went to The Cobblestone. Oisin, a friend who completed the trio, went for a wander around the exhibition like a child who finds all the presents on Christmas Eve. He then came to the pub and told us all about it.

Enjoy the snaps, but get down to the exhibition in Smithfield. The aim is ambitious, €30,000 for the Simon Community. You can pick up one of the four prints you’ll see below here for €25, or €50 signed. It runs tomorrow, and more details are available on the site here. Lets hope they make the €30,000, and the rest.


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If you’re getting along to LCD Soundsystem next Tuesday (you lucky git) be sure to swing up to this one in The Button Factory afterwards.

It is in times of severe recession when charities need money most, but of course many of us don’t have the money to give. The fact that the doortax from this DJ set is going to the homeless makes it a very worthwhile cause, and for broke youngsters it’s nice to be able to dance like a fool and do your bit. It doesn’t take a genius to notice a major increase in the amount of homeless people on the streets of Dublin in the last year or so.

“all proceeds go to the ‘They Are Us’ project in aid of the homeless in Dublin”

Tickets can be picked up at The Good Bits, All City Records, or over on tickets.ie

Now, have a song. All 10 minutes of the Soulwax remix of Get Innocuous. God, I love this.

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