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"A man’s ambition must be small to leave his name on a shithouse wall.” Maser lad, this doesn't apply to you.

By now you’ll have noticed that we’re fans of street art, and in particular a figure that goes by the name of Maser. We’ve covered pieces of his that have appeared around the city in the guise of his project with Damien Dempsey, his pieces at the Bernard Shaw and appearances at Oxegen. So I couldn’t help but grin when I spotted this in The Hophouse on Parnell Street the other week. I’m not sure if he is still tagging on bathroom walls, but when you consider Banksy pieces are selling for millions worldwide, with councils knocking end walls off houses with murals on them to flog to American arthouses, maybe I should have pulled this jacks roll dispenser off the wall. Could be worth a bomb some day…

The Hophouse. An institution in itself.

Himself and Damo might like this next pic, someones birthday cake from last week, I’m sure he won’t mind me putting it up here. All I can say is, his parents have great taste.

Love your cake today


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Last night myself and hxci popped down to the They Are Us exhibition for a looksie, and to support an excellent cause. Getting there at 5.15 or so, we were well ahead of time and ended up carrying sambos up the stairs with a woman who told us “you’s will get your reward in the next life lads”.

We got a sneak peak on this trek up the stairs however, and a huge image of James Connolly which dominates the first room of a three room exhibition had us dying to see more. We resisted, and went to The Cobblestone. Oisin, a friend who completed the trio, went for a wander around the exhibition like a child who finds all the presents on Christmas Eve. He then came to the pub and told us all about it.

Enjoy the snaps, but get down to the exhibition in Smithfield. The aim is ambitious, €30,000 for the Simon Community. You can pick up one of the four prints you’ll see below here for €25, or €50 signed. It runs tomorrow, and more details are available on the site here. Lets hope they make the €30,000, and the rest.


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Stuck to the noticeboard of Trivia Nightclub (R.I.P Trivia, R.I.P)

You A__ Beautiful, great shopfront just off Grafton Street

Factually correct.

‘Dare To Be Different’.


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Your humanity and your faithful loyalty
Your compassion and your plea for change
Gives me faith in humankind
All the good ones you can find
And all the monsters and the blind……

Damien Dempsey- How Strange.

We’ve been following this one for yonks.

Our first post on the maser/Damien Dempsey collaboration was back in March (March! Jesus this blog is ancient now) which was long before people were ringing into radio stations wondering what all the graffiti meant. Each bit was a surprise in itself, as you’d stumble across them in the most unusual spots. The laneway behind Brogans pub being an example. It has done wonders for the city at the minute. I loved each and every bit of it, and if I was lucky enough to be giving a tour or guiding people around I would frequently stop at one of the pieces.

For the most part, it seemed Dubliners agreed with me. With the exception of the gobshite below, who we posted up back in May, we all seemed happy enough to stroll past and look. A gentle reminder to ‘do something to be proud of’ , to ‘dare to be different’ or to ‘love yourself today’ , as the less common stickers proclaimed.

The highlights were no doubt the bits most of us will never see, the messages inside the walls of prisons.

If one thinks the laneways of town are ‘boring’, imagine what the colour of these pieces did to such surroundings.

It’s come a long way. Now, it’s time to make a few quid for charity. All proceeds from the sale of the works will go to the Dublin Simon Community. Coming into the winter, in a year like this one, charities will find themselves stuck for money. Sadly, in time gobshites like the above mentioned one will take to more of these great pieces around the city, and they’ll be lost. A reminder of one is something I intend to pick up for the house, being lucky enough to have one to hang it up in.

Best of luck to the lads.

They are us exhibition launches
Friday, October 15, 2010 at 6:00pm
Block T, 1 – 6 Haymarket, Smithfield Sq (above Chinese market)


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Lifted from Maser’s Facebook, where I see someone said it looks like a giant Refresher bar wrapper. Maybe it does.

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Last week, I got a mysterious text from a good friend who said they had something to show me. The instructions were to meet on Grattan Bridge at 16:45, and that it should only take an hour or so. Intrigued, I showed up at the alotted time, and after a ten minute walk, we ended up in the carpark of the Tivoli Theatre, off Thomas Street. Adorning the walls are hundreds of pieces of the finest in Dublin Graffiti, some of which can be seen below. Full set can be found here.

Huge piece, this must have been over 20ft tall.

Sek II - Maser 2010

From the great Maser.

Anywhere is Paradise with you...

When I do good, no one remembers. When I do bad, no one forgets.

As I said, follow the link above for the full set, theres 34 pictures in total, all available for re-use under the Creative Commons License. But best if you go visit it for yourselves; The Tivoli Theatre is on Francis Street, just off Thomas Street. Just ask the nice man on the gate, you’ll be sorted.

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I recently posted notice of a Damien Dempsey gig in The Good Bits to promote his collaboration efforts with the fantastic Maser. I’m very fond of Damiens work, and maintain that They Don’t Teach This Shit In School and Shots are two of my favourite albums. I was excited at the prospect of seeing some of his lyrics standing out around town.

From the look of Masers facebook, this is all well and truly underway.

Here are two snaps, check out the link above for more.

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I’ve been in to Saint Patrick’s Institution and Mountjoy Jail over the last few days with Maser (amazing Dublin graffitti artist) and Johnny Moy (legendary dublin DJ), we were sussing out walls that Maser can spraypaint some of my lyrics on in there, some positive lines for the inmates. I saw where Kevin Barry was hanged and got to hit the old triangle……Maser’s doing workshops and paintings in both places and is getting prisoners to help him with these pieces teaching them some of his skills as he goes along and he’ll probably get some lines off the inmates aswell to spraypaint around the place. This is all part of a project that meself and Maser and Johnny are working on called ‘They Are Us’ (details and pictures will be up on the website soon about it)

-From DamienDempsey.com

An interesting one this. We still get plenty of hits from people confused about that great Maser piece down by Busaras on The Good Bits (Damien Dempsey gives me HOPE) and if you follow the blog you’ll know I’m a massive fan of Damien, from the days of They Don’t Teach This Shit In School to his current buzz.

I take any and every chance to see Dempsey live – from a pisser of a day in Farmleigh to in his element bringing down the house at the Civic Centre in Tallaght- he has yet to dissapoint me in a live setting. His fan base, mainly young, sing every line back to him with a passion you wouldn’t dare question.

Anyway, the above mentioned project between Maser and Damien sounds fascinating to me. Damien notes on his website that this concert will hopefully “raise money for the materials maser will need for his pieces around the city” so for that alone I think it is worth attending. I still smile everytime I pass that piece on The Good Bits.

Damien actually does give me hope for this city and the youth of it.

Damien Dempsey
March 12th
The Good Bits
Tickets: 15e

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