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"A man’s ambition must be small to leave his name on a shithouse wall.” Maser lad, this doesn't apply to you.

By now you’ll have noticed that we’re fans of street art, and in particular a figure that goes by the name of Maser. We’ve covered pieces of his that have appeared around the city in the guise of his project with Damien Dempsey, his pieces at the Bernard Shaw and appearances at Oxegen. So I couldn’t help but grin when I spotted this in The Hophouse on Parnell Street the other week. I’m not sure if he is still tagging on bathroom walls, but when you consider Banksy pieces are selling for millions worldwide, with councils knocking end walls off houses with murals on them to flog to American arthouses, maybe I should have pulled this jacks roll dispenser off the wall. Could be worth a bomb some day…

The Hophouse. An institution in itself.

Himself and Damo might like this next pic, someones birthday cake from last week, I’m sure he won’t mind me putting it up here. All I can say is, his parents have great taste.

Love your cake today


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I recently posted notice of a Damien Dempsey gig in The Good Bits to promote his collaboration efforts with the fantastic Maser. I’m very fond of Damiens work, and maintain that They Don’t Teach This Shit In School and Shots are two of my favourite albums. I was excited at the prospect of seeing some of his lyrics standing out around town.

From the look of Masers facebook, this is all well and truly underway.

Here are two snaps, check out the link above for more.

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 Luke (My brother, of www.lukefcomics.blogspot.com) is  a bit more  ‘with it’ than me in Dublin these days, in all truth.  Considering he’s not old enough to sit a basic driving lesson, never mind buy a pint, makes me wonder if this is more a reflection on me than him. I suppose when money is divided into category A (The Hop House) and category B (The bus to The Hop House/ the bus back home from The Hop House) then category C (Buying nice things) goes out the window.  Anyway, yesterday he came home with some nice odds and ends he picked up from the stuio of an Irish artist in town.

I fell in love with this shirt when I seen it. Chris Judge, if you don’t know- is a contributing artist to www.scamp.ie, the artist behind quite a lot of the Vodafone advertisements that may have stood out for you in the last while, and (to prove what a small world Dublin is) also did the sign over the door of Twisted Pepper on Middle Abbey Street. I noticed on his own blog at the time  of  the bars launch he mentioned the sign would be changed every few months, but it seems they’ve stuck with his effort- which I love.

Anyway, my interest in comics/illustration is low and only recently developing at all due to Lukes influence no doubt, but so close to Christmas it’s worth looking around Dublin for unique, and homegrown, presents.

So, in the spirit of that:

Christmas Flea Market, Dublin

December 20th up at the Co-Op. While obviously these things always bring out the bric-a-brac stalls, there is no shortage of creative hands in this city. For something a bit more unique, it’s worth a look. To think if I was buying Luke a shirt I wouldn’t look beyond Topman….

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