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"A man’s ambition must be small to leave his name on a shithouse wall.” Maser lad, this doesn't apply to you.

By now you’ll have noticed that we’re fans of street art, and in particular a figure that goes by the name of Maser. We’ve covered pieces of his that have appeared around the city in the guise of his project with Damien Dempsey, his pieces at the Bernard Shaw and appearances at Oxegen. So I couldn’t help but grin when I spotted this in The Hophouse on Parnell Street the other week. I’m not sure if he is still tagging on bathroom walls, but when you consider Banksy pieces are selling for millions worldwide, with councils knocking end walls off houses with murals on them to flog to American arthouses, maybe I should have pulled this jacks roll dispenser off the wall. Could be worth a bomb some day…

The Hophouse. An institution in itself.

Himself and Damo might like this next pic, someones birthday cake from last week, I’m sure he won’t mind me putting it up here. All I can say is, his parents have great taste.

Love your cake today


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