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On the fourth of August, a League of Ireland selection will take on Manchester United Football Club in the new stadium at Lansdowne Road. Before we go further, that’s what we call it around here. Lansdowne Road.

The day after this, Shamrock Rovers will take on Juventus on Italian soil, in a crucial competitive match. Juventus and Manchester United, two football giants no doubt. Unlike the Shamrock Rovers side taking on Juventus however, the League of Ireland selection are playing for nothing. They’ve never really trained together before this, they play for a wide variety of teams. They’re not a team themselves, and they’ve been chucked together for a glory friendly. To be frank about things, this isn’t the best time either.

Why? Look at the League table. Bohemians, Saint Patrick’s Athletic, Shamrock Rovers and more besides stand a very realistic chance of lifting the League. So far, it’s been rollercoaster stuff, with nobody running away with it and surprises and upsets coming in thick and fast. In the midst of this, I’ve heard this game referred to in the media on multiple occasions now as a ‘pre-season friendly’. This is not a pre-season friendly for us. This is a match that couldn’t be timed much worse in truth.


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So it’s been brought to our attention here at CHTM that Fagan’s Bar in Drumcondra, local haunt of Teflon Bertie and his crew of stick-proof minions was one of nine “British” pubs chosen to show the worlds first live 3-D barstooling extravanganza that was last weekends Man United versus Arsenal clash. (Seriously; that’s how it was reported in the Sindo; “The Drumcondra pub, along with eight other British bars, made history as they became the first premises to show a soccer game using the latest polarised 3D method.”) Christ.

Looks kind of like a Batman villain, doesn't he...

The quare fella himself even paid a visit for a quick pint of Bass or whatever it is he imbibes before making a quick getaway before the game even began; I wonder what pull he had in getting the sideshow there but you can be sure if there was a pie involved, he had a finger in it.

We’ll be up in the direction of Fagan’s in the coming weeks, but after last weekends spectacle, and given the nature of pubs we here at CHTM like to frequent, I think you can be assured we’ll be giving Fagan’s a wide birth!

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