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This city is carved up nicely in terms of the domestic game.

There’s no love-in between us all either, we might share a passion for a sport but our teams are unique and history dictates these things, doesn’t it? A Bohs/Rovers derby can match the best of them for passion, a bit of the old tribal division and atmosphere. Still, one couldn’t help but think the humour and passion of supporters of the domestic game shined through tonight on television, with Shamrock Rovers supporters greeting one of the largest teams in Italian soccer with a rendition of ‘WHO ARE YIS’, before applauding Allesandro Del Piero onto the pitch towards the end. Some players you just have to clap on the pitch, really.

He hadn’t kicked a ball before ‘You’ll never play for Rovers” was echoing around the stadium. Excellent. Pity the crowd were so loud we couldn’t hear Allesandro go “Thank Christ!”

What a shame we won’t see the League of Ireland Dublin Derby tomorrow night on telly, we’ll have to wait for Manchester United.

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As a Bohs fan, the “Quote of the day” in the Guardian gave me a laugh last Friday, the day after Rovers ahem… “historic” victory over in Tel Aviv in the Europa League Qualifiers. While I won’t begrudge them their glamour tie / day in the sun / whatever you call it tonight, I’ll watch it, and  the return leg with interest and my heart being pulled two ways- hoping to see an Irish side do well against a time of Juve’s stature, and at the same time, hoping Rovers fail miserably in everything they do.

But anyways, the quote. It wasn’t the comment from Juventus forward David Lanzafame that got me giggling but the remark after it:

“We do not know Shamrock Rovers and therefore we have to study them through videos” – Juventus forward David Lanzafame looks forward to next week’s Big Vase third round qualifier against Irish side Shamrock Rovers in Robbie Keane’s hometown of Tallaght. If Juventus lose, they won’t be the first Old Lady to have been mugged in the notoriously rough Dublin village.

A bit harsh you might say? Never… But considering what the majority of LOI fans call our Wicklow brethern, the accompanying picture spoke a thousand words…

The Guardian get it so right...

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On the fourth of August, a League of Ireland selection will take on Manchester United Football Club in the new stadium at Lansdowne Road. Before we go further, that’s what we call it around here. Lansdowne Road.

The day after this, Shamrock Rovers will take on Juventus on Italian soil, in a crucial competitive match. Juventus and Manchester United, two football giants no doubt. Unlike the Shamrock Rovers side taking on Juventus however, the League of Ireland selection are playing for nothing. They’ve never really trained together before this, they play for a wide variety of teams. They’re not a team themselves, and they’ve been chucked together for a glory friendly. To be frank about things, this isn’t the best time either.

Why? Look at the League table. Bohemians, Saint Patrick’s Athletic, Shamrock Rovers and more besides stand a very realistic chance of lifting the League. So far, it’s been rollercoaster stuff, with nobody running away with it and surprises and upsets coming in thick and fast. In the midst of this, I’ve heard this game referred to in the media on multiple occasions now as a ‘pre-season friendly’. This is not a pre-season friendly for us. This is a match that couldn’t be timed much worse in truth.


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The team is made up of British players (Irish, North Irish, English and Scottish).

– from the Juventus website, describing Shamrock Rovers Football Club.

Quick as a flash, toutless and sites like it already feature ads from people looking for tickets for next weeks Shamrock Rovers/Juventus tie, set up as a result of last nights Rovers victory in Israel. Based on the write up off the Juve website, they’ve probably got the lads watching Sligo Rovers DVDs in preperation.

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