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It’s a rare occurence these days that I stay in Dublin on a Saturday night and am still able to get up bright and early on the Sunday morning. Having spent yesterday in a dark basement singing/ screeching with a guitar strapped to my back,  drinking someone elses beer (cheers Chris lad,) I decided to take a stroll around the city and take a few pictures, it being a lovely morning and all. A guesstimate on Google Maps afterwards worked out at 7.8 kilometres. Not bad for a mornings work.

Dublin on a sunny Sunday morning. Nowhere in the world comes close.

All the threat of floods, gale force winds and rain seem to be out by a day or so, there was no sign of it on my adventures…

Hadn't seen these before, up there with the new Bertie ones.

Political stickers are making a resurgence in Dublin, it makes for a change, lampposts that were once covered in stickers from obscure Eastern European Ultras groups now sport piss-takes of Bertie, Brian Cowen and the rest…


I love this one, from around the back of Shebeen Chic.


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