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I always re-iterate the fact that there’s nowhere in the world I’d rather be when the sun is shining than Dublin City. So heading down to Ormond Place to check out the grafitti wall there, and seeing the skyline as it is in the image below, I couldn’t help but take the camera out for a shot. skyline Ormond Place (behind Fibber’s Rock Bar) is apparently a designated grafitti spot set up by the Dublin City Council, and there are some fantastic pieces on it. I’ve covered three other such spots, I’ll link to them at the bottom of this set. Dublin is lucky to be home to some absolutely amazing artists, and say what you like about tagging, beautiful street art brightens up a city. 026







I opened with a moody sunshine snap, so I’ll close with a moody night-time one. O’Connell Street came to a stand-still, with the backdrop of a near full-moon peeking out from the clouds behind the Spire. 010


Other “Writings on the wall” sets:




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“The delights a stroll around Dublin can bring you. I’ve always carried my camera around with me, but have only recently started to take it out and not give a shite that I look like a tourist.”

If you like graffiti, and well, taking pictures of graffiti like us, there are some hidden gems around Dublin. The Tivoli Carpark is one that we generally return to, as the annual Jam there always provides… Below is another, the lane behind the Bernard Shaw, Richmond Street. I’ve only put up nine snaps, I could have taken a hell of a lot more but this post would have been very long if I did… I’ll have another photo piece in a couple of days from another spot just around the corner that’s worth checking out. Click “continue reading” to see the full post…


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“The delights a stroll around Dublin can bring you. I’ve always carried my camera around with me, but have only recently started to take it out and not give a shite that I look like a tourist.”

Someone said of the last bunch of photo’s I stuck up that Dublin is starting to look like a proper shithole… Its not- its really not, its just that for whatever reason, I like taking pictures of graffiti, rundown buildings and, well, real Dublin. For any piece of eight or ten images, its possible to have taken fifty or sixty shots on my not very fancy camera. Subsequently, I have hundreds of shots of birds, trees, sunshine and flowers. But I still prefer the grittier side of things!

The Seahorses of Grattan Bridge. JayCarax has done some great work on the history of the Grattan statue on College Green. The  statue is, of course, surrounded by lamps bearing ornate seahorses. Grattan Bridge bears the same idols on its lamps.

I’ve recently moved gaff, so my cycle to work takes me down along the canal, from Rathmines to Inchicore. For three months, I’ve been cycling past this spot and never noticed this piece on the side of the bridge at Herberton Road until this week. The work of Solus, I think its a belter!


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“The delights a stroll around Dublin can bring you. I’ve always carried my camera around with me, but have only recently started to take it out and not give a shite that I look like a tourist.”

The last couple of months have been busy, and I haven’t gotten out with the camera as much as I would like. Hence, I’m a little rusty. I hope to remedy this though, and over the next while, hope to get one post of pictures up a fortnight… I’ll start off with the below, looking down toward School Street from Earl Street South- “Fuck the System.”

“Dublin is in palliative care, drowning in oceans of Lynx and fake tan and fake people. Hipsters, bints, where have all the real people…” something, something, angry rant, something.

I hoped to have two scooters in this piece, one far more impressive than the one below, but an unfortunate incident of a disappearing memory card means there’s just this one. Just off Grafton Street, a beauty. The blokier version will appear in the next “A few quick snaps” post.


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“The delights a stroll around Dublin can bring you. I’ve always carried my camera around with me, but have only recently started to take it out and not give a shite that I look like a tourist.

Sometimes I even post the resulting photographs up here. Below are the fruits of this weeks labours…

Anyone who can tell me where the above is, I’ll buy you a pint. Below, the Castle Hotel on Great Denmark Street.

Below is a selection of graffiti from Rutland Place, a street in Dublin I’d never been down prior today… Bizaarely enough, you think you know the city inside out and then somewhere new suprises you. Pics read left to right, a good 30 foot of tags.


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Kudos to the North Inner City Action Group for their involvement in the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Campaign which began on November 25, the International Day Against Violence Against Women, and ends on December 10, International Human Rights Day. These dates “symbolically link violence against women and human rights, and emphasize that such violence is a human rights violation.” (From the 16 Days Facebook.)

Breaking the Silence... Banner on Mountjoy Square railings.

More:  http://www.womensaid.ie/16daysblog/2011/11/10/north-inner-city-domestic-violence-action-group-pu-1/

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It’s a rare occurence these days that I stay in Dublin on a Saturday night and am still able to get up bright and early on the Sunday morning. Having spent yesterday in a dark basement singing/ screeching with a guitar strapped to my back,  drinking someone elses beer (cheers Chris lad,) I decided to take a stroll around the city and take a few pictures, it being a lovely morning and all. A guesstimate on Google Maps afterwards worked out at 7.8 kilometres. Not bad for a mornings work.

Dublin on a sunny Sunday morning. Nowhere in the world comes close.

All the threat of floods, gale force winds and rain seem to be out by a day or so, there was no sign of it on my adventures…

Hadn't seen these before, up there with the new Bertie ones.

Political stickers are making a resurgence in Dublin, it makes for a change, lampposts that were once covered in stickers from obscure Eastern European Ultras groups now sport piss-takes of Bertie, Brian Cowen and the rest…


I love this one, from around the back of Shebeen Chic.


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In 1897 J.J. Clarke left Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan, to study medicine at the Royal University, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin. He was a keen amateur photographer and the pictures here were all taken between 1897 and 1904. What is most remarkable for the time is his almost journalistic eye for catching people in candid shots rather than photographing formal poses or streetscapes. He died unmarried at the age of 82, and 300 original prints or glass negatives survived to be donated to the archive by his nephew, Brian Clarke.

You can view the whole collection here .

Can you work out what modern watering hole the women are walking past in the last photo?

Man with umbrella standing at the junction of Nassau Street, Grafton Street and Suffolk Street. Hamilton, Long and Co., Apothecaries, No. 107 Grafton Street in background.

Men walking outside cigar shop on Grafton Street. Two men in foreground, walking past No. 67 Grafton Street, R. G. Lewers, ladies outfiting and baby linen warehouse, and No. 66, Tobacconists.

Car driving past the Shelbourne Hotel, St. Stephen

Man in top hat strolling on Earlsfort Terrace. Building in the background is possibly no 1A or No. 1 Earlsfort Terrace. The spire of the Magdalen Asylum and Church on Leeson Street is visible in the background.

Two women, both wearing hats, one wearing fur collar, walking outside Nos. 94 & 95 Grafton St., Edmond Johnson Limited Jewellers.

Woman walking past stationery shop, O

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