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Its not too often you get posts on here lauding non-LOI football. If anything, the content of our football related articles are overtly critical (and rightly so) of a nation of barstoolers who do their best to ignore teams on their own island. Whoso could begrudge the three of us so for having an interest in a foreign team, not across the narrow strip of water that divides us from “the mainland” but across the expanse of Europe to Hamburg and their “second” team, St. Pauli.

The thing is with St. Pauli, you aren’t just lending your support to an adopted team that have nothing got to to with you. You are adopting a code of beliefs. St. Pauli stand for everything we on CHTM! stand for – We are vehemently anti-sexist, anti-racist and anti-fascist. If you haven’t gotten that from our posts hither to now well… now you know. Two out of the three of us have made it to games this season and have made some great contacts and friends across there, some closer than others and for different reasons.

Dont expect this madness, just something close.

So, with us having good friends in the St. Pauli Supporters Club, Dublin, we have found out that their youth team is partaking in an invitational tournament at the bequest of Kevin’s Boys, programme as follows:



11.00am           Group 1                       St Kevins Boys Club      v   Brondby  I F
12.30pm          Group 2                       West Bromwich Albion  v  St Pauli
5.00pm            Group 1                       Brondby I F                     Sunderland  AFC
6.30pm            Group 2                       St Pauli                              v  Arsenal F C


11.00am           Group 1                       St Kevins Boys Club       v        Sunderland AFC
12.30pm          Group 2                       Arsenal F C                     v       West Bromwich Albion
5.00pm            Semi Final                    Winner Group 1              v     Runner Up Group 2
6.30pm            Semi Final                    Winner Group 2              v    Runner Up Group 1


11.00am           5th & 6th Place Play Off                3rd place Group 1   v  3rd place Group 2
12.30pm          3rd & 4th Place Play Off            Beaten semi finalists 1 v Beaten semi finalists 2
1.45pm            Exhibition game by St Kevins Boys Under 6 Development Squad (15 mins)


KICK OFF 2.15pm.


The plan is for us to make it out to the WBA vs. St. Pauli game on Friday morning, as myself and DFallon are heading off to (albeit) separate LOI games Friday afternoon, him to Derry, myself to Sligo and JayCarax off to the Good Friday Wicklow Wander.

Don’t forget though, before all that madness, there is the monthly Sounds of Resistance gig in O’Byrnes on Capel / Bolton Street that you can most likely find the three of us at; look for the lads in the corner sipping Guinness and looking shifty.

Come to this!

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Excitement has been building up in the CHTM! extended family over the last week; not just amongst the League of Ireland affecionados but amongst a few others who have not yet made the pilgrimage to Dalymount on derby day. A couple of them will be popping their LOI cherry, while some more are returning after long absences; such is the draw of Dublin’s El Classico.
The last time I wrote about this particular fixture was during last season’s title run-in, one post praying for a victory and then another celebrating a hard fought win with a sore head. A new season, and everything / nothing has changed, depending on how you look at it. Rovers have arguably the best squad in the League, while Bohs hopes this season rest on the shoulders of youngsters like Flood and Fagan. A big ask for a young squad, but their performances this season have put the smile back on a few faces- they’ve been giving it socks each game, something you expect from a Bohs side, but didn’t always get last season.

Be there

Crowds this season are up, with Sligo and Derry drawing the guts of two and a half thousand a game and Rovers getting their usual “full house.” One thousand tickets have gone to them for this game, and I expect a crammed Jodi Stand for Bohs. With Rovers in the shed, the proximity of both sets of fans is going to make for one hell of a game. While the pull of this game is understandable, hopefully those making their trip to Dalymount for the first time, or for the first time in a while, realise that football in this country isn’t going to survive unless there are heads coming through those gates week in, week out. (A few quid spent in the bar or the club shop wouldn’t go astray either…) What should be a tight, and tense affair may go some way to attracting people back. My heart is already in my mouth, and I truly can’t wait to get up to Dalymount on Friday. Derby day is always special, lets hope this one is no different.

Come on Bohs.

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El Classico. The Eternal Derby. The Old Firm. El Superclassico. In cities across the world, there is always one game that captures the imagination, the wits and emotions of the masses. From Rome to Liverpool, Glasgow to Buenos Aires, football fans wait tentatively for those days of the season where you meet your fiercest rivals; shaking in anticipation, that constantly nervous feeling grips at your every bone. Sometimes its pure fear, that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach- a dull ache that spreads into your chest the closer the time comes, culminating in chest pains and a dry throat on the day itself. Hoarse before the game even starts having spent the last couple of days yammering onto anyone who’ll listen, whether they have an interest or not, about the game in question. Drunk on the occasion, not on the pints you swallow before it, you know you’ve got just a couple of hours before you’re walking home with either your head in the clouds or the gutter.

Clash of the Titans

That feeling is with me now. For tomorrow night, in Dalymount Park, arguably the most important derby in recent memory is taking place. Shamrock Rovers sit at the top of the table, five points clear of Bohemians with four games to go. A win for Bohs tomorrow pegs that back to two points with three games to go. All to play for you might say. And to be honest, its mere luck that has Bohs in this position-where they have bottled it this season, Rovers have also. So for the last four games, it really is a case of who bottles it less, starting with tomorrow night. What used to be a stroll in the park, three points in the bag for Bohs game is now turning into a nightmare, if memory serves, Bohs haven’t beaten Rovers since the 2-0 victory at Dalymount in March last year- and that seems like an awful long time ago now. It should be a tight affair, Rovers losing Bayly and Murphy to red cards in Friday nights shock loss to UCD and Bohs losing Quigley for a stupid headbutt and O’Connor for a silly challenge outside the box during the dour draw with Bray.

We are Bohs!

To be honest, the nerves are at me already, and have been since Saturday morning. This game always sets the pulse racing for me, the amicable respect generally shown between League of Ireland fans goes out the window and it’s all out war for the evening. The Northside versus The Southside; The Clash of the Titans. Its an all ticket affair so if you’re on for it, get yourself to the bar in Dalyer tonight and pick one up; I can’t bloody wait. Never mind your Anfield or Stadio Olympico; theres nowhere I would rather be tomorrow night than Dalymount Park.

Come on Bohs.

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