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This city is carved up nicely in terms of the domestic game.

There’s no love-in between us all either, we might share a passion for a sport but our teams are unique and history dictates these things, doesn’t it? A Bohs/Rovers derby can match the best of them for passion, a bit of the old tribal division and atmosphere. Still, one couldn’t help but think the humour and passion of supporters of the domestic game shined through tonight on television, with Shamrock Rovers supporters greeting one of the largest teams in Italian soccer with a rendition of ‘WHO ARE YIS’, before applauding Allesandro Del Piero onto the pitch towards the end. Some players you just have to clap on the pitch, really.

He hadn’t kicked a ball before ‘You’ll never play for Rovers” was echoing around the stadium. Excellent. Pity the crowd were so loud we couldn’t hear Allesandro go “Thank Christ!”

What a shame we won’t see the League of Ireland Dublin Derby tomorrow night on telly, we’ll have to wait for Manchester United.

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