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Soon, I will have no money at all. The logic behind this is that for the first summer in yonks plenty of international talent is making its way to the city, taking my income in exchange for gig tickets. The upcoming gig from Joanna Newsom was exciting enough at first.

Telepathe are a band I’ve been on and on about for months to anyone who’ll listen. Coming from that great electronic music borough that is Brooklyn, they came to my attention with their 2009 effort Dance Mother, produced by David Sitek of TV On The Radio. An electronic band if such specific labelling was required, their roots and influences span a broad musical field. Hip hop influences mix with punk and noise-pop influences, and the sound that comes out of the big musical machine is unique to say the least.

I’m not the biggest fan of Whelan’s (Too dark for me, few lightbulbs’d be great lads…) but as with my recent trip to see Ted Leo exceptions do arise. I look forward to this one.

Telepathe play Whelan’s on August 14. Tickets are available from tickets.ie , priced at €15. It’s a Saturday, if you’re wondering….

Also, that legend Andy Milonakis off the telly reckons they’re good for the money. You’d trust him.

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