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Soon, I will have no money at all. The logic behind this is that for the first summer in yonks plenty of international talent is making its way to the city, taking my income in exchange for gig tickets. The upcoming gig from Joanna Newsom was exciting enough at first.

Telepathe are a band I’ve been on and on about for months to anyone who’ll listen. Coming from that great electronic music borough that is Brooklyn, they came to my attention with their 2009 effort Dance Mother, produced by David Sitek of TV On The Radio. An electronic band if such specific labelling was required, their roots and influences span a broad musical field. Hip hop influences mix with punk and noise-pop influences, and the sound that comes out of the big musical machine is unique to say the least.

I’m not the biggest fan of Whelan’s (Too dark for me, few lightbulbs’d be great lads…) but as with my recent trip to see Ted Leo exceptions do arise. I look forward to this one.

Telepathe play Whelan’s on August 14. Tickets are available from tickets.ie , priced at €15. It’s a Saturday, if you’re wondering….

Also, that legend Andy Milonakis off the telly reckons they’re good for the money. You’d trust him.

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Ted Leo and the Pharmacists- I Got Your Number

I’m really off the radar at the minute, to the extent I’ve got plenty of those “where are you” texts that when you respond with something like “in the library” you get another one two minutes later saying “No, I mean like in general lately”. I’m AWOL, shit-deep in Microsoft Word.

This made my day. I check those Facebook events too late to spot anything anymore (Nothing worse than spotting a great gig advertised over there and realising it started…..five minutes ago) but this stood out a mile.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists have released three of my favourite albums to date. Shake The Sheets, Hearts Of Oakand Living With The Living. I play all three constantly, and even have a Ted Leo t-shirt (OMG) which is one of very few band shirts I’d wear around to be honest,it’s been there since I was 15 or 16 too.

Ted Leo And The Pharmacists- The Mighty Sparrow (From new album ‘The Brutalist Bricks’)

They’re neither an indie nor a punk band in my mind, and near impossible to label within traditional genres of music. They should appeal to fans of either genre. Their release of Rapid Response, an EP to benefit those arrested at the Republican National Congress in the U.S showed their political leanings.

This isn’t meant to be some grand sweeping statement on our part – it’s just a way for us to contribute SOMETHING real to the lives of real human beings, and show our material support for those whose actions and thoughts we value in this ideological struggle

Recent releases have hade a stronger sense of political identity, with songs like Bomb.Repeat.Bomb dealing with U.S Foreign Policy. Ted also writes a very good blog, over on the band site, which is worthy of a read. Read his post on Record Store Day, and nod in agreement.

The list of Ted Leo covers is mindblowing too, off the top of my head (with a sneaky MP3 player peek) it includes Samhain, Billy Bragg, The Waterboys, Cock Sparrer, Amebix, Generation X, Eddie And The Hot Rods, The Jam and eh…R Kelly. Along with Face to Face, they’re one of the only bands I think ever got away with a Stiff Little Fingers cover. Ted Leo, I salute you.

Ted Leo And The Pharmacists- Fisherman’s Blues

Tickets priced €14.50 are available from Tickets.ie
You can buy ‘The Brutalist Bricks’ from Matador Records here

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Tuesday May 18th 2010
A Sunday Day In Glasgow/ Dum Dum Girls

Whelans- Tickets from tickets.ie

The Best Summer Ever- A Sunny Day In Glasgow

“Album closer “The Best Summer Ever” at last distills the band’s meteorological whorls into a psych-pop sunburst befitting its title” says Pitchfork. Translated,it’s just a bloody good tune, really.

If the blog has the look of a more history focused blog lately, due to the nature of many of my posts in particular, it’s more down to workloads than anything. A big massive pile of essays/assignments and other odds and ends (I know, smallest violin, right?) are keeping me within the walls of this fine West Dublin house. I don’t know if anything is happening in Dublin, it’s a 15 minute bus trip I can’t afford to make. Plenty of procrastination you can do in 15 minutes instead of sitting on a bus anyway.

Saying that, there are positives to spending all day at a computer. Who needs JStor or other academic resources (Like eh, Wikipedia) when you have Last.FM, the Hype Machine, and a never ending world of MP3 blogs. On occasion, I connect a name with a gig. As happened in the case of A Sunny Day In Glasgow.

Poor Glasgow, the ugly sister of Edinburgh really. Not that this band have anything to do with the city, being a Philadelphia project. Turns out I had some of their content sitting pretty in Windows Media Player already, most likely there from a ‘right click/save’ fest over the break, and on playing it went ‘ohhhh! That tune!’

One online account states that about a dozen people were there last time they played upstairs in Whelans, though this time, with the assistance of the much hyped Dum Dum Girls and all their internet popularity badges firmly pinned to their blazers, things should be different. While I never like the “what do they sound like?” question (We’ve already had ‘Robot Rock’ on here, what are people going to think ‘Shoegaze’ means…) I think Last.Fm is on the money with Asobi Seksu, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and their sort up there. Anyway, that’s why we embed music, isn’t it?

Whelans in May seems miles away. Now,If you’ll excuse me there’s a Word file with, quite literally, my name on it.

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I’m a big fan of Foggy Notions. I picked up a pretty old copy a few days back and thought to myself: This has to be the only magazine in Ireland with the Junior Boys, Joanna Newsom, !Kaboogie and Planxty within its pages. Leagues O’ Tooles book Planxty too blew me away, and is probably the best “wasn’t expecting that” Christmas pressie of the last 5 years.

They’ve organised two fantastic short-notice fundraisers for Haiti, with another on the way from Whelans in the form of Glen Hansard (ticket information at bottom of post)

Andy Irvine has long been one of my favourites. Literally, across the room from me, are copies of Timedance, The Woman I Loved So Well, the self titled album and other Planxty odds and ends. Planxy excite me in a way I don’t think many other Irish bands ever have.

I’ve seen Andy now in Downeys pub of Ballyfermot and even at the National Concert Hall. A good Wobbly, and a master of the Buzuki, I’ve always found Andy as capable of taking on a song of revolution as one of romance, or of a song of medievil times as opposed to one of getting sloshed in O’ Donoghues. As far as variety go, Andy is unmatched in this country.

Jape are a little newer to my MP3 player. In the student-bar, I believe they would be reffered to as “so hot right now”. Well, Richie does have a Choice Music Award on the mantlepiece now. I got into The Redneck Manifesto a little later than my peers. Still, much as I loved both Oppenheimer and Lisa Hannigans offerings, it was nice to see a lad from Crumlin take the big prize last year.

“When I hit puberty I just listened to American hardcore punk: The Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat, Black Flag and all the SST bands, so there’s a real mix in my musical background.”

-Richie Egan, Irish Times March 6th 2009


I’ve only noticed today Whelans have added a third concert, featuring Oscar-winner Glen Hansard. I won’t pretend to know a thing about his music, all I know is he once used the Cupla Focal at the Oscars and I once said hello to him in Tower Records and he seemed a nice bloke. Sin é.

Sunday 24th January 8pm Glen Hansard (solo)

Sunday February 14th 8pm Andy Irvine (Planxty), The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock, Mumblin Deaf Ro, The Hounds & Big Monster Love

Wednesday February 17th 8pm David Kitt, Jape (solo electronic), Legion of Two, Patrick Kelleher & Goodtime John.

I’ll be the nerd with Leagues O’ Tooles book on Planxty under my arm waiting to ambush Andy Irvine on the 14th, I look forward to seeing you there.

http://www.tickets.ie//WAV box office at 1890 200 078


With regards Haiti, there are no words. All I can say is I’m immensely proud to be a Dubliner when I walk into any local shop, pub, club or even just walk down the street and I see somebody take the time to raise money for people suffering in a manner we will never even be able to comprehend.

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