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Still without my camera, Canon have stolen it from me and holding it for a ransom I just can’t afford right now. So the camera on the phone it is, I’ve started taking pictures, and a simple thing like not actually having a camera at the moment isn’t going to stop me.

Good yokes are back in town

These Philo posters have been appearing all over town recently, someone said they had something to do with Whelans? Either way, the above gave me and Donal a laugh after our recent Crackbird feast.


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I took a swing by the aforementioned Cromwell’s Quarters earlier to get a snap of the recently replaced sign. Whether the old sign was swiped or merely kept in storage while building work was going on next to the lane, who knows, but its not there if you take a look on Google Maps…

Yup, Cromwell's Quarters!

I also came across this map from 1885, seven years before the name changed to Cromwell’s Quarters on the excellent rootschat forum which marks the steps as “Murdering Lane.” Granted, you do have to squint, but there it is between Bowe Lane and the South Dublin Union.

Just beside Bowe Bridge is... Murdering Lane! Kudos to shanew147 for the upload.

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The Dublin Fire Brigade Pipe Band. Brilliant, as always.

Big Jim Larkin, outside Dublin Castle. The Sun made for a beautiful day.

Always come prepared!

Paddy's Day & Buckfast. Chance of a fist fight? With a t-shirt like this, most likely.

Banama Republic surely!!


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From the people that brought you this:

Mary Mediatrix, our favourite Dublin shop

I now give you this:

Any vote for Labour is a...

I wonder if the people who run this shop know of the existence of the ULA. God forbid if that lot ever got in…

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Out of boredom and/or chronic procrastination (bills to pay, things to sort out,) I went for a stroll around the city this evening with the camera; its surprising the things you see in this city that you don’t notice unless you’re looking for them. Below is Georges Street Arcade, the place where I acquired my first studded belt, in my mind, it made me punx and I still wear it to this day, ill fitting as it is.

The Arcade- like diving into the past

Now you’d think that our comrades in Fade Street would flock to Dylan Haskins like scenesters to an overpriced Dubstep night in The Academy but not so. They’re all voting our Mannix.

Fade Street are voting Mannix

Just another victim, Waterstones bookshop closed it’s doors for the last time a couple of weeks back with the loss of 46 jobs. It wasn’t somewhere I shopped too often, I prefer Chapters myself but a pity all the same.

And another one bites the dust... Waterstones


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The Digital Projects section of Dublin City Public Libraries have over the past year done great work in sticking up old images of the City in times past. The latest collection to go online is one hundred and thirty or so images of Dublin pubs, some whose doors are still open, others who who live only in the memories of ex- punters. The full gallery can be seen here.

The Commodore, from Dublin City Public Libraries

The Swallow, from Dublin City Public Libraries

The site is a mine of photographic information, they have fantastic galleries on Dublin’s Sporting Heritage, the ’74 Dublin Bombings, “Missing Dublin” and now this. I look forward to more.

Billy Lavelles, from Dublin City Public Libraries

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I’d love to say I took the pictures below but alas, I’m just not that good. They belong to a bloke I’ve only ever known as Janer who I met whilst serving my apprenticeship with the punks. I came across the images when working on another project recently; I’d thought his specialty was gig photography but when I browsed his albums on pix.ie, I came across some stunning pieces of social photography which Janer has kindly given me permission to reproduce here.

Meet Trixie and Duke

The Reader

Amien's Street pint on Stephen's Day

 Its a hard thing to capture Dublin properly, but scrolling through the albums, be they pictures from gigs, reflective moments in pubs or images of Dublin streetscapes, Janer does a good job of it. 

Christy sneaking in a quick pint

Dusk on St. Ignatius' Road

Wednesday Pints


These images were all taken from different albums on Janers PunkRock profile, which can be found here.  Cheers to the lad for letting me stick these up.

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It’s a rare occurence these days that I stay in Dublin on a Saturday night and am still able to get up bright and early on the Sunday morning. Having spent yesterday in a dark basement singing/ screeching with a guitar strapped to my back,  drinking someone elses beer (cheers Chris lad,) I decided to take a stroll around the city and take a few pictures, it being a lovely morning and all. A guesstimate on Google Maps afterwards worked out at 7.8 kilometres. Not bad for a mornings work.

Dublin on a sunny Sunday morning. Nowhere in the world comes close.

All the threat of floods, gale force winds and rain seem to be out by a day or so, there was no sign of it on my adventures…

Hadn't seen these before, up there with the new Bertie ones.

Political stickers are making a resurgence in Dublin, it makes for a change, lampposts that were once covered in stickers from obscure Eastern European Ultras groups now sport piss-takes of Bertie, Brian Cowen and the rest…


I love this one, from around the back of Shebeen Chic.


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With RTÉ currently running a weekly programme geared towards finding Ireland’s greatest ever citizen, its nice to see SIPTU getting in on the act in calling for James Connolly to be voted number one. And who wouldn’t, considering the remaining top five contains none less than, as Donal recently called them, the “Freestate Prick” Michael Collins and the “Northside Dick” Bono. Lucky enough we are I suppose that Stephen Gately and Adi Roche missed the cut (no offense to either of course…)

Do what the ominous big building tells you to

I can say with a good deal of confidence that the other two lads on here would be with me in calling readers to vote Connolly, and never mind the biters who try and say “sure he’s not Irish…” Take half an hour out of your time and watch TG4’s newest “Seachtar na Casca” programme on the man, then try and listen to someone tell you that James Connolly is not Irish…

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Anyone who’s been following the Blog for a while might remember this post from JayCarax about a great piece of street art done just off the Luas tracks. I’m actually suprised it stayed there that long, but eventually someone realised it’s existence and did a hack job in covering it up…

Controversial Elephant replaced by existential nothingness...

And a couple more snaps of some Dublin graffiti taken on the same day…..

Brings to mind a certain Scary Éire track..!

Located around the back of the historic Smithfield Fruit and Vegetable Markets  is this piece:

This is not a photo oppurtunity...

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Without me even knowing it for a number of years, Glen E. Friedman had long been one of my favourite photographers. I only came to realise it was one bloke behind so many of my favourite images when I was given a copy of his work on Fugazi, the wonderful Keep Your Eyes Open.

Some of his images made their way to my teenage wall, and others featured inside magazines strewn across a bedroom floor. Images of Public Enemy, RUN DMC, Angelic Upstarts, The Misfits, Beastie Boys and Black Flag among others. Iconic images. Even if one isn’t familiar with the music of the artist featured on occasion, the images are wonderful in their own right.

Most of Friedman’s work covers the subcultures of skateboarding, hip hop and punk. To snap acts as diverse as Minor Threat and RUN DMC, but perfectly capture the rebellious spirit of both, is Friedman’s skill. His anti-war exhibition at New York City, featured in the excellent boingboing video posted above, was a new departure and acclaimed in it’s own right.

The exhibition of Friedman’s work is taking place as part of the Photo Ireland Festival.. It will host more than twenty completely free exhibitions. Excellent.

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