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“The delights a stroll around Dublin can bring you. I’ve always carried my camera around with me, but have only recently started to take it out and not give a shite that I look like a tourist.”

The last couple of months have been busy, and I haven’t gotten out with the camera as much as I would like. Hence, I’m a little rusty. I hope to remedy this though, and over the next while, hope to get one post of pictures up a fortnight… I’ll start off with the below, looking down toward School Street from Earl Street South- “Fuck the System.”

“Dublin is in palliative care, drowning in oceans of Lynx and fake tan and fake people. Hipsters, bints, where have all the real people…” something, something, angry rant, something.

I hoped to have two scooters in this piece, one far more impressive than the one below, but an unfortunate incident of a disappearing memory card means there’s just this one. Just off Grafton Street, a beauty. The blokier version will appear in the next “A few quick snaps” post.


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“The delights a stroll around Dublin can bring you. I’ve always carried my camera around with me, but have only recently started to take it out and not give a shite that I look like a tourist.

Sometimes I even post the resulting photographs up here. Below are the fruits of this weeks labours…

Anyone who can tell me where the above is, I’ll buy you a pint. Below, the Castle Hotel on Great Denmark Street.

Below is a selection of graffiti from Rutland Place, a street in Dublin I’d never been down prior today… Bizaarely enough, you think you know the city inside out and then somewhere new suprises you. Pics read left to right, a good 30 foot of tags.


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Unceremoniously swiped from the excellent balls.ie this. Someone obviously took inspiration from RTÉ’s recent screening of “Knuckle,” an insight into bare knuckle boxing the Irish travelling community and decided to throw up a dedication to Big Joe Joyce on Leeson Street Bridge.

Update: Apparently it’s been there for months. Ah well, just goes to show you the gems this city is hiding!

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“The delights a stroll around Dublin can bring you. I’ve always carried my camera around with me, but have only recently started to take it out and not give a shite that I look like a tourist.

These lines I used for the start of a similar piece around this time last year. Sometimes in Dublin, as a local, you don’t think to take pictures of the “touristy” things like statues and the like. Then you realise you’re missing out on oppurtunities like the below. And yes, the sky was this blue on Sunday morning amazingly enough!

I must have walked past the below stencil a hundred times on a tiny section of wall not far from Fitzsimons on the Quays. It is so inconspicuous, there is very little chance of seeing it unless you know its there. I still think its great though!

Moore Street wouldn’t be Moore Street without a marauding gang of pigeons. Walking down the Street on a sunny morning with nobody about gives a great sense of the real feeling of the city. Walking around any city at this time of the morning would give the same result I guess.


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The Dublin skyline outside my window earlier this evening. Beautiful… (Apart from the Civic Offices on Wood Quay of course.)

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Its been a while since I’ve done one of these posts. Normally I take a load of snaps in one afternoon and pick out the seven or eight that stand out the most. I haven’t done so in the last while but I have managed to cobble together a few pictures I’ve taken over the last couple of weeks for a post anyways.

Below is a picture I took whilst putting up flags pre-game a couple of weeks ago, I think against Sligo. Obviously I’ve photoshopped it ever-so-slightly, but I like the contrast between the pitch and the dark clouds on the horizon. Arty.

Dark clouds over Dalymount

Below is a mad spot on the way home from work the other day. Anyone who can tell us where this is wins a date with your choice of CHTM! author at a venue and date of your choosing. You’re paying though.

There's a car under there somewhere


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Spotted this morning next to the Jervis Street Luas stop. Pretty sure it wasn’t there yesterday but then again, I hadn’t had my morning coffee when I walked past the spot then. I’m of the opinion things like this brighten up dreary canvasses and make this city a more interesting place.

Spotted this morning

And yet someone has had a go at it already…

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Its a pity, but we rarely get grafitti “i nGaeilge” in this city. Its even rarer to have grafitti in our own native tongue created by someone whose native tongue it isn’t. Below are two shots taken on the corner of Rainsford Street and Crane Street, in the bowels of the Guinness brewery, an area that, unless showing tourists around,  few city dwellers get to explore.

Stone upon stone upon fallen stone

A bit of research into whose the piece was, (i.e. typing the words into Google and hitting search) brought up the name Lawrence Weiner, a conceptual artist from the Bronx, who in his Declaration of Intent in 1968 stated his mantra:

1. The artist may construct the piece.
2. The piece may be fabricated.
3. The piece need not be built.

Each being equal and consistent with the intent of the artist the decision as to condition rests with the receiver upon the occasion of receivership.

Some of his work was part of an exhibition in the IMMA circa 2008, but either this piece has ages very quickly or it has been around a lot longer than that. Judging from his other work, its his first venture outside the English language too! Either way, its a bit of a curiosity.

Cloch ós cionn cloiche ós cionn cloiche leatha

A list of his work can be found here, though I’m of the opinion the above is his best:


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At home to UCD last Thursday night and I get a phone call half an hour before kick off from a good mate of mine, a through and through Rovers man (I only hold it against him on match days.) I thought there was something wrong, knowing he should be on his way to the Bray game but luckily, no, he just wanted to tell me about the below; spotted on the old Canada Life building on Stephen’s Green, a brilliant piece… Props to the Dunster lad!


This would actually look amazing... (Image copyleft hXci)

All I really know about Zeppelins is that they have a propensity to explode spectacularly and that there was one in an Indiana Jones film but have to admit, the thoughts of getting one out to a game in UCD would make a normally horrible evening a little more bearable. Plus, “Night Zeppelin” sounds way cooler than “Night Bus.” If only…

Better than it lying idle! (Image copyleft hXci)

Anyways, to whoever put the planning application up, I salute you. You brightened up my evening!

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Still without my camera, Canon have stolen it from me and holding it for a ransom I just can’t afford right now. So the camera on the phone it is, I’ve started taking pictures, and a simple thing like not actually having a camera at the moment isn’t going to stop me.

Good yokes are back in town

These Philo posters have been appearing all over town recently, someone said they had something to do with Whelans? Either way, the above gave me and Donal a laugh after our recent Crackbird feast.


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